Should I make a move?(Very Confused)?

I recently reconnected with an old friend, after us not talking for 7 months. I messaged him on facebook to ask a question and get closure. After he answered I said thank you for answering and he starting asking how I've been and if I would like to start our friendship over. I said sure. We hung out Monday and last night, and we got on the topic of dating. I told him I've dated a couple guys, it didn't work so now I'm on a break. He said I shouldn't give up. Then he says "I'm glad we never dated" I asked why and he said "Because what if I liked you, and you didn't like me back. Or you liked me, but I didn't like you back?" I didn't answer.(Sometimes I think I should ask him out but if he was interested he'd ask me.. I asked him a very long time ago and he said "But we already established that we don't like each other" I took it as a no.) Then he started going on about how he's never been in love and never had a girlfriend and that he wants one. I'm really trying to avoid getting my feelings hurt, what should I do?

Today he texted me, asking me to go 'speed dating' with him, because he doesn't want to go alone. v. v I declined


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  • Ask him out.

  • I sense 94.345% probability of him liking you. Make your move.

    • What makes you sense that?

    • I read whole stuff and it reminded me of someone I know. Kinda similar thing. However they met and now they're in LDR. Beginning of it was kinda like this.

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