Snapchat Flirting?

So... Me and this girl have been talking for a while. Just kinda curious what is considered flirting on snapchat. Just wanna know I'm not gettin the same pictures as everyone else ya know. So no nudity here! Or else I would t be asking this lol. But she does that Half her face in the picture, then perfectly crops some boob and clevage action in there whenever I get a selfie from her. Sometimes blatantly if she's swimming or whatever literally just have her Chest in the picture haha. She usually just smiles or does a kissy face. Not a duck face but more just kinda puckered Lips. Girls do u send pictures like this to everyone or if she wasn't interested in me would I be getting the ceiling fan and black screens back haha And guys let me know from ur experience.


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  • Black screen snappers are the worst

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