Have you ever wanted someone so bad?

I met this girl on a dating site and we're getting along really well, I haven't got the chance to meet her yet due to university. I just know I definitely want to get to know her, she's so beautiful.
Before someone says "you might be getting cat fished", we've got mutual friends so I know she's a genuine girl.
I'm finally meeting her next week and I already know I don't want to take it slow.
I want her so bad and I've never felt this way before.
Anyone felt like this before? :)

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  • Indeed, and you're probably feeling love. It is possible to feel such even when we haven't completely met the person. It only becomes dismal if the love isn't returned at all --I once loved a girl, truly loved her. Cared for her, looked for her, to the point where I seemed rather a maniac. Not precisely because I 'stalked' her or something like that, but because she never noticed me nor returned the love I offered. As for 'catfish', most of the people I've met in the Internet are true; strange, I know. I really hope your situation is real, and wish you best of luck in your encounter.

    • It's definitely not love but I feel like feelings might form fairly quick. I haven't felt like this about anyone since my ex who I dated for three and half year :/
      It 100% is real, she's in pictures with people I know; you can't get any real than that!
      Well this girl doesn't deserve you, don't give her the time of day :)

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    • Yeah it does because I'm completely over my ex and I can finally settle with someone new :3
      It's hard to get over someone you love, took me over a year! Good luck with the new one! :p

    • I'm happy to hear you survived these days; I bet they were awful. But, it feels even greater to meet someone new, and better. Good luck sleeping the day before, you might be too excited. :P

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