A guy asking me out on a date but why did he stopped our conversation?

a senior of mine texted me one day and only for a day and asked me out on a movie date. i agreed because he suggested watching a horror movie and i love horror movie.
this is the funny and weird part
right when we decide the date of the movie date, he stopped the conversation and said bye. that was the last conversation we had. then, the next day, i was in the bus and he happened to be in too. we had a small chat and when i was about to leave, i told him "text me anytime" he said "ok" and i left. my bff told me that he could have feelings for me but why did he stop the conversation just like that? he should have continued the conversation right? my bff told me that maybe, he's setting me up on a date with one of his friends. *He knows i used to have a crush on his bff. now i dont and he knows it* but, when i asked if his friends wanna tag along, his reply wasn't really happy. he sound pissed when i asked and i only asked once. what does this mean? i'm really confused.

can someone help? does he really like me or he is setting me up with his friends


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  • 1. He wanted to save the conversation for the date. Which is a really fucking good idea.

    2. When you asked about other people coming, it probably made him think that YOU didn't think of it as a date. So, he got upset.


  • Is the date definite? Like has the time been set eg Friday 7pm you are both together going to be at X watching X?

    • yes its decided

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    • oh thank you!

    • No problem.. Maybe try to do something after movie where you can really talk. A movie is a really difficult date in the beginning. A date is like the process to get to know someone right so yea can't talk inside a movie for that long. Mostly in the car ride there and in the car ride back.

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  • This happened to my friend before. A guy who really wanted to go out with you would do everything in his power to make that happen. The guy you mentioned didn't. I am not sure if he stopped the conversation because he though you liked his friend or because he found another girl to play with.

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