How can I convince my ex to date me again?

Okay I know what you are thinking, I know I shouldn't go back to him because he is my ex.

But the reason we broke up is my fault, because I had a hard time talking to him in person. And he felt like he was putting in all the effort, but the reason I had a hard time talking to him, is because I am TERRIBLE at talking to guys & plus we have known each other year for now, but when we did date we actually didn't have our first conversation in person until the month before we dated. So I wasn't quite used to talking to him in person yet. But he broke up with me because he felt like he was putting in all of the effort.

And now I have had several months to talk to him, and I really really like him. And I want to get back together with him. But the problem is, he won't date me now because we are such good friends and he doesn't want to jeopardize that.

And we are so good together, people tell me all the time that we should get back together. And I still feel like he has feelings buried for me deep down somewhere. This week I missed a day from school and he said that he missed me, & from yesterday to Wednesday I didn't have internet because I was having problems with it and he texted me yesterday and I had to cut the conversation short, because I had to use data to send text messages, and I almost used all of it and I was afraid I would cause an overage. And I told him why, and he said "hopefully your internet will get fixed soon, so I can text you again."

Is there anyway I can convince him that we should get back together?

(p. s. please read all of this, because I know some people tend to judge by the title of the question.)


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  • It is possible that he does not want to date you for a reason other than what he has stated, and he is trying to be polite in giving you a reason which sounds like it is not critical of you.


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  • You can only do so much. If you've tried explaining to him that you want to be together and that you really like him then there's not much else to do. I'm a firm believer that if a guy really likes you and wants you he wouldn't be trying to not be with you. Instead he'll jump at the chance of being with you. That's how love works. While I understand his hesitations, he needs to also realize that he could lose you. If that doesn't frighten him then I don't know how strong his feelings are.

    • Well I haven't explained to him that I want us to get back together.

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