Texting girls without seeming needy/clingy?

I know girls like/want that emotional cconnection, but as a guy some days I just have nothing to say OR sometimes I feel needy or clingy etc.

I mean do you girls not get bored thinking Oh no not him again even if its 1 text a day?

Any opinions/suggestions?


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  • Maybe find a hobby of sorts or a club or something like that? You have to kind of balance your interests a bit.

    If all you think about is her, stuck in a room somewhere with only a mobile phone or computer, then it's easy to fall into this trap. And I think it's kind of a trap (somewhat negative).

    I see it like relationships are a bit of a cat and mouse game. There's a balancing act between dependence and independence. If you are too independent, the girl might feel like you don't care about her at all. If you're too dependent, the girl might tire of the endless attention, and start to find it attractive that there are some guys who are more independent.

    A guy who feels the need to text or call every single day might start to seem "too dependent" in this respect. I don't know -- your mileage may vary, and you might have a girl who really appreciates it, but I think the safe route is to kind of balance it out to really maintain interest in each other over the course of a long-term relationship.

    As for the texts themselves, too long-winded and it might come off as needy. Too short and it might seem like a waste of time. Sending "I miss you" and "I love you" types of messages all the time might also seem pretty needy.


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  • Every woman is different. I don't like to be bothered for no reason, so when I'm contacted, it has to be about something important or have a topic in hand.

    I don't like the texts that start off with "Hi"... and nothing else. I'll be staring at it and wondering why the hell someone is hitting me up while getting annoyed. Worst thing to do in my opinion.

    I don't mind being texted everyday... as long as there is a reason for it. I feel like many women are the same way.

    • Yeah I only want people to talk to me coz they want to not coz they have to.

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  • Don't text unless you ha e a question about something.

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