Is he Just a friend?

I meet this guy at a youth camp 2 weeks ago, he's 20 he was a youth consellor and Im almost 16. I live about 3 hours away from him. He added me on all social medias etc. We have been talking for about 8 days now. And he's told me how he broke up with his girlfriend, but there's another girl he "called one night" and he was asking me for advice etc. But then he tells me about his personal life, throw back days and we stay up talking till about 12 at night. He then goes on about wanting to find a girlfriend, how he will make a good husband, how he can't wait to marry someone, how he loves children. Except he tells me he has only been on 2 dates, don't know what that means because he had a girlfriend. And he tells me things that are somewhat about his personal life.
What does this mean?
I kind of like him, but I don't want to fall for someone who isn't into me..
Sorry this is long.


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  • Have you been "talking" or texting? Is it in person if you were talking?

    • We've been texting,

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    • And who initiates texting?

    • He mostly starts texting, and sometimes snapchats me. He usually responds to me as soon as I message him back as well. And yeah he asks me questions about my life.

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  • Why is an adult man turning to a teenage girl for "help"? Like what series of events went horrifically wrong in his life?

    This kind of guy is going to be a black hole that will cling on to you sucking up as much time and energy as he can. I don't know how long you've been here but have you seen the questions where the people ask something like how do they look or what to do in X situation and you just KNOW that if you answer that question you'll be having drama an problems with it for like a week? That's what this guy is.

    I'd get LIKE SUPER BUSY OMG with school or something and drift out of contact.