Arranged time and place to meet up but not sure if it's going ahead?

I spoke to this girl on a dating app and got her number, but I arranged a time to meet, place and day and she replied at 7am on Friday saying "Haha!! Hmmmm! Depends is that 8 in the morning or evening? Haha! Think they'll only being cat there!" I replied at 9pm that night (phone off due to working all day) and I said "8 in the evening! I'm working Sunday morning, unless you'd like to help me escape from there.."

I've had no reply and its Sunday. Do I ask if we're still on tonight or do I just leave it altogether?

I'm thinking of not going and leaving it a few days, then I'll reinitiate contact and start fresh


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  • Don't go unless it's confirmed.


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  • Ask her if she intends to meet up with you.