There's a girl I really like and for some reason I can't bring myself to talk to her let alone ask her out. What should I do :-( ?

I work myself up all week and i tell myself I'm going to do it going to do it and when the time comes I don't ask her out. it's something I've been dealing with since my freshman year of HS and the only female I can talk to you without feeling or being socially awkward is my mom :-\


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  • Crush syndrome. I think the problem with everyone when they're young is that they get obsessed over one girl or one guy with whom they might have only exchanged a few brief glances and conversations.

    This kind of secret admirer thing is very unhealthy to me. You get into a mess of feelings for someone you never even dated.

    Life becomes a lot simpler when you stop doing that, and start asking people out first, and then if they say, "yes", start growing your feelings toward each other together, not falling deeply in love with some girl from afar (which is mostly falling in love with your own fantasies which fill in all the epic blanks).

    That said, since you already have this girl you have this "crush" on, all this rehearsing is probably just going to increase your anxiety. You just kind of have to walk up to her and chat, ask her to hang out after school or something like that. She might say "no", very big possibility, but it's not the end of the world. It'll only seem that way if you kind of built this whole scenario in your head where you practically married her in your dream.

    Anyway, either way, the sooner you do it, the sooner you find out. If you ask her out and she says yes, hurray! If not, you at least get to put an end to the obsession before it grows to a point where a rejection might be more and more painful.

    • Thanks man

    • One thing worth remembering -- she's just a human being, not like some magical goddess. Try to keep that in mind, and relax. And don't worry about idiots who tease you for liking a girl.

  • I was in the same situation with you and how I got over it is by JUST DOING IT, I mean it! Just go YOLO, think about... you literally got nothing to lose, she will either say no and you'll get over it in a minute or she'd say yes and you'll be happy for long time. That's the mindset I have when approaching girls, just say to yourself it's now or never. Also, one important key is TO ALWAYS KEEP EYE CONTACT, it helps keep your confidence up and it shows the girl you have balls and you're a man!

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