Should I give him a second chance for a first date?

I have a man who is really interested in me and he lives 4 &1/2 hours away. I know he is serious about meeting me as he was on Zoosk (dating site) then took himself off when he saw me and we started to chat. He asked me via text if we could do dinner on Sat. I said no problem. The day before he had texted me to say good morning. Then I had asked him to let me know and to clarify the time the day for Sat. And low and behold he hadn't text me after that. Sat comes around and still nothing. On 4am of the Sunday he texted me to say that he was very sorry he hadn't responded back and said that his childhood friend had passed away and that he was still in shock. What do I do and/or say from here? Do I give this guy a break and 2nd chance for a first date or not?


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  • Umm
    Can't say exactly but I think it's an excuse 😶


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  • This is definitely a rough patch
    I think you should forgive him and give him another chance.
    Unfortunately life is unpredictable and things out of our control tend to happen.
    If he comes up with other excuses and distances himself again, then I would leave him alone.
    But right now try to proceed where you left off.
    Tell him you're sorry to hear about his friend.
    Try to offer him your support, by asking how he's feeling
    every now and then (through different days).
    Show that you care.

    Best wishes <3

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