Girls, Would provide an example of confidence then one of arrogance? I've heard it's a fine line?

Thanks for the input :)


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  • Confidence is when someone is able to act and behave in a way which is very limited in terms of how much it is affected by the opinions of other people, and fearing that what they may do may result in others having less respect for you, thinking any less of you than they did previously. A confident person always stays 100% true to themselves.

    Arrogance is a form of confidence, but exhibited in a way that belittles others. An individual is arrogant where they not only pay little attention to how what they're doing or saying may not sit right with or be accepted by those around them or their loves ones. They don't care if they're doing what they want, and have no qualms in making sure other people realize this. Often going the extra mile to ensure that other people see that they way they're doing things is better than them. A bit of a superiority complex, if you will.

    • So could one say that confidence is "Knowing you got it but not feeling the need to flaunt it?"

    • yeah basically. Confidence is being very sure of yourself. Whereas arrogance is being confident with next to no shred of modesty.

      Though sometimes people will come across as arrogant as a way to mask their true insecurities. So they argue but personally, I couldn't care less as to what your motivations may be. Nothing excuses being an absolute ass or very rude.

  • I know your question is under the Dating category, but the example that comes to mind isn't about dating. I see examples of arrogance versus confidence in my photography classes all the time. The confident people are the ones who know their capabilities and are aware of their strengths, but also their weakness. They are secure in themselves, but they don't boast about how good of an artist they are, or whatever. It seems like the arrogant students are the ones who think they're all that, and let people know it. They act over qualified, in a way, and it's not very becoming. That's the example that comes to mind.

    • Thanks for the input :)

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