Why act hot n cold?

A guy tells you his dreams and reveals his weaknesses (clearly trusts you) then tells he wants to see you more. Then does not initiate the conversations, and when you do he keeps the conversation going and again talks a lot, but sometimes takes long to reply. Sends you a really cute song and tells you random stuff. Is this the behaviour of a player or could he really be interested? Why go from hot to cold? Why make me feel like I am important and sometimes just "forget" about me...


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  • If he only talks about seeing you more but never initiates those plans and sees you then he's not really serious. If however he does make a effort to see you in person then I think he's just doing that to see if you will initiate too.

    • He asks me to come with him in the last minute, so I usually dont go. He is kind of like that to everyone, but when we actually met it was I who suggested the time and place and he agreed. He was makin it feel like a hangout wih friends, but then hugged me and told he he wants to meet again whenever I would like to. I asked him one and he didn't reply, which I thought was a no. He isn't being a flirt either... I have initiated the conversations lately. Maybe he is just not that into me, even though the overly romantic song he sent me yesterday made me think the opposite. Tired of this thinking.

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    • That's a good strategy. Let me know if he responds and what he says about you asking him to hang out ;) Good luck!

    • Okey, so I asked him out quite casually and he replied instantly though he was just doing that very irritating slow-reply-thing. He said he would want to come. Then when it was only one hour to it, I asked him if he was still coming, he responded: I can't make it :/ had to replace my co-worker.
      So I think this is pointless. The end. Thanks for your help anyways! 😊

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