Can you heal me from sadness/depression?

Hello, kindly read my full story then state your opinions.

So, in the end of November I've been attracted to a girl and thus I've asked her out via text message. She told me that she has a boyfriend.

After that I've asked her out (end of November aswell), she started to sit next to me in a class that we have in common till the end of the semester which ended one week ago.

Till today (January 24) we do text each other from time to time, however I do not know how I can stop thinking of her. It's like each time I text her, or receive a message from her I get nervous and excited.
It seems that I'm having difficulties to move on.

I do have strong feelings toward her, so I don't know if a friendship between us could be an option.

What can I possibly do please? I'm really sad about it and it is affecting my life.

Hoping that you'll lend me a hand, thank you.

I would really appreciate that more people state their opinions, thank you.


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  • Just one thing, this is not depression. You're just sad. Depression is doubting to even get up in the morning, feeling horrible, never smiling, endless crying and so on. Depression is the worst disease you can get, it makes death seem pleasant. That being said, if you don't think you can be friends with her, then don't. Follow your gut feeling.

    • Depression might be exaggerated I have to admit it, nevertheless I feel deep down inside that it is on the fine line that separates sadness and depression I guess. I have so intense feelings toward her that right now I'm that confused that I don't know what to do anymore.

    • Intense how? Intensely in love? Intensely overwhelmed? Act upon those feelings as seems appropriate. You could tell her how you feel, again. If she rejects you, let it go.

    • All at the same time, but well I'm gonna go with my intuition I guess. Thanks.

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  • Yo do realize you're only hurting yourself. Its a bad idea to go after a chick who is already taken even after she breaks, you'll just be the rebound. This is only because you aren't handling your rejection very well. Date someone else.

    • I do know that, but unfortunately I can't stop having feelings toward her. Honestly speaking, I've never asked out a girl in my past 22 years, this was the first time that I take a girl's number and even ask her out. This would have never been able if a friend did not push me to do so, but still I took action because for the first time in my whole life I felt something different within myself.

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    • Oh I see, thanks for this advice ! I'll try to apply it :)

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  • The answer is simple. keep telling yourself that she is not the only girl in the world, and there are plenty of others girls you can try your luck with! :)

    • No matter how hard I try to have this kind of though, she stills appear somehow in my mind lol.

  • Shotgun + head = success. Just ask Kurt Cobain when you get to hell. Also, tell him I said "hi" :)

    • Efficient and effective I guess. Did you try it? :P

    • Yeah I did, but Satan sent me back. All I wanted to do was play with his severed dick collection :'(

    • Lol, try again maybe he will take you this time :)