Is this normal?

Been together for over a year. Never had sex. He's 31 I'm 38. He says sex is not important to him. He has never said ily. He doesn't show affection like hand holding or cuddling. Feels like we are roommates not a couple. He does other things for me to show love like helping around house, with kids, etc but still feels like we are just friends. He has been in other relationships where he was affectionate and sexual but not for a few years prior to me. I'm not miserable but I do crave more. It's always been this way so I feel like I'd be asking him to change if I push it. I've thought of ending relationship but again I feel like I knew this going in and expected him to change and as I said I'm not miserable. There is just a part of me that feels like he feels as though he settled and is waiting for something better to come along. Almost like I'm not good enough and if he doesn't touch me then he can't be brought down to my level. These thoughts aren't constant but they do wiggle their way in every now and then. I do love him but I need/want to feel love too. I don't initiate because I'm scared of rejection. The few half hearted attempts I've made have been rejected so I am scared of being bolder. I just want to know if this is normal or if he is really just riding along until someone "better" comes along. Also he is great with my kids and sometimes I feel as though he is more here for them then for me... not jealous but just feel as though he wouldn't be here if I were childless.


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  • Talk to him, don't speculate. Maybe he's got a low sex drive?


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