How do you get a guy to recognize you without actually talking to him?

Okay so I really really like this boy and I'm pretty sure he likes me too. I get this idea becauase the boy I like likes only my photo's on instagram, I think he has me on post notifications or something, in school he stares at me all the time. Never stops looking, in every class i'm in, on th way back Home he's on the bus, I turn around to his bus and he's already staring at me. We had a little history, not with dating but a little disagreement but I feel we were both pressured by our friends to act like we did.
I need to show more obvious signs that I "fancy" him. However I don't want to actually talk to him. I just wondered what type of looks I could give him. Help!


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  • Eye contact is always great. Smiling in his direction, situating yourself toward him. Little things like that. But I do recommend you talk to him. You don't need to tell him you fancy him, just be friendly. If you were ever to date him, you would spend a lot of time together, so communication is key. Plus there are tons of ways to subtly flirt in conversation. I wish you luck!

    • This is really helpful thank you, however the boy can get embaressed easily, he's never on his own also. Another thing is that a while ago me and him had a misunderstanding but it wasn't out faults and our friends were more responsible for what we said to eachother

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    • Just make eye contact and smile I guess! When you like someone, you don't really have to try to look at them with love in your eyes.

    • But he's quite a moody person, so if I smile and he dosn't like me then he's going to think i'm really weird

  • No way...
    Can't do that unless you get hit by a car right in front of him...

  • I have the same exact situation!!! He's always staring at me and we always make awkward eye contact. One time I dropped my pen then I asked him to pick it up for me and he did. So later my friend heard him say to someone "I talked to her, she asked me to pick up her pen." And another time I was looking at him in class and his friend caught me and said to him "she's looking at you" so there's a big chance he likes me I just don't know how to talk to him:/ Me and my friend made this plan to drop my school ID card near his locker so he'll bring it back to me and maybe start a conversation:)