Guys, Breaking it off with a girl because of her past?

I was dating this guy for 3 months, he recently broke it off with me a few days ago. When i asked why he didn't want to see me anymore he stated that I did not mesh well with his friends because I was quiet around them. Mind you, I only met them a handful of times and each time it was in their house and these are all people who have known eachother for years, i spoke to them when spoken to and was very friendly with them even though it was slightly intimidating being around that many outgoing people. He also stated to me that i did not fit in with them and he wanted somebody more outgoing like him. He then proceeded to tell me that i come from too much of a messy past and he did not want to deal with my past relationship drama. (Been single 3 years) was in a 5 yr long relationship with my cheating/ semi abusive ex. I layed all my cards out from day one with this guy i was dating, i am 23.. he is 26. During this time of dating we only saw eachother once a week as he claimed to be busy working 2 jobs. It was no big deal for me because I have a life too. When he broke it off with me he stated he had no feelings for me and wanted to end it because he saw some things about me he didn't like. Being kind of shy, past relationships and my upfront personality. I am truly heart broken that someone cannot accept me for who i am. I just want to know if any of this makes sense to any guys or if its a valid reason to write someone off. He really made it seem like he cared and liked me a lot, however it seems that was not the case. And he broke things off with me over the phone. He stated multiple times how he has a lot of girls throwing themselves at him and what not. I was not one to chase him, i gave him space, and we had 2 miscommunications because of it. He stated when i was insecure because i asked why in the 3 months of dating he never complimented me, i asked if i was his type and he completely flipped out on me and turned it into a huge argument when it was not even for all of that. What do you guys think of this? I will provide more detail if needed, this is just the surface stuff that happened.


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  • Sounds like a very poor bs excuse