Morally what would a guy do if he was dating someone short term and he liked someone he met at work?

This new guy started at work. He's close to my age and hot. He's also the same religion as me which is not common to find since we are a minority.

He was hard core flirting with me and being very touchy. Smiling at me intensely and coming into my office for no reason and staring at me. Everyone at work noticed and said he liked me.

he's been dating a girl for a few weeks. He mentioned it in passing but someone else asked him in front of me if he has a girlfriend and he refused to answer.

He wants to bring me to meetings outside the office with him. Only me.

And he want to go for drinks with me and the other girl. Bt he does not act this way with her at all! She also thinks he likes me.

He he isn't texting me off work but what's his deal? Could he be conflicted since we will always see each other and just get closer? If he likes me, will our bond get tighter than some stranger from online he just met?

i think he likes me what do you think?

i do worry though that maybe he's a flirt.


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  • I don't know😧

  • he should end the short term crap.


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