Girls, would you date a guy with wide hips?

I'm not fat or anything, in fact I'm quite thin. I'm 5'6/5'7 and about 130 lbs just to give you an idea.

Its not that i have fat around my hip or thigh area, but for some reason, even with being thin, my hips seem to be wider than most guys. Maybe its because of bone structure? Anyway, for whatever reason, I just have these curves from my waist to my hips. Its not anything super drastic, but it makes me self concious, to the point where i don't even wear long pants because i think it accentuates my already abnormal looking hips--so instead i wear shorts year round :(

would you date a guy with hips like mine?

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  • Girls, would you date a guy with wide hips?
    C. No

    In my opinion guys generally approach based on looks so unless the guy is blind any guy that consider dating me likely did so because he liked how i looked. So it's even grounds to me to not date a guy because I didn't like how he looked.

    • I don't quite understand what you're saying. Are you saying that wide hips on a guy are physically unattractive?

      I guess that would make sense since most women have wide hips and most men have narrow hips...

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    • Ok? I'm starting to think that this is some kind of bitter, spite thing. But whatever

    • Why do you think it's bitter/spite thing?

      How is it bitter/spiteful that I don't find wide hips attractive? I'm not seeing how attraction can be bitter/spiteful.

      How is it bitter/spiteful that I don't give chances to guys I find unattractive when they likely wouldn't consider me if I weren't attractive to him? I'm not seeing how not buying into giving chances for an undesirable guy is being bitter/spiteful... to me it's just reasonable. For me if it's okay to approach by attraction then it's okay to reject by attraction that's equality not bitterness/spiteful to me.