Regrets... how can I get over them? please read?

I didn't take my school seriously, mainly because i couldnt concentrate easily and had a hard time understanding math (which ultimately leads to failure haha) i was ok in math, barely passed but just wasn't blessed with academically. Despite my type a personality, i kinda failed and now i am suffering the consequences, for example i could only apple to get a secretary/officemanager degree and thats about it. Im currently working on that, but when i hear about all the people from my past who became doctors or lawyers, i kinda feel regret. I could have easily done that, but my attention went to, mental illnes (my mom suffered from it) my harsh scoliosis treatment and my turbulent household with negative influences from my crazy older sister (who literally destroyed the household with her anti social behaviour) all those things made it really hard for me to concentrate and those situation instilled fear in me. I know i should be positive and not be so depressed about my current position in life, i just try to learn a lot of new languages which hopefully get me into a better position, Im 23 now but how can i NOT feel like a failure? Especially since a guy i liked, he is a doctor, said i should go and dissappoint someone else...


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  • That doctor is a jerk. It's good that he revealed his true colors to you because now you know to avoid him. I mean, it's not good to be in a relationship with someone like that. He would've just kept putting you down.
    I think it's good that you're focusing on career right now. Many people who graduate have a hard time finding jobs right now, and having that job gives you some independence. Avoid the people people in your life (like your older sister). It's kind of you to worry about your mom like that tbh. :)