Seriously though, how DO you use your gut instinct?

Seriously. Mine always just feels confused about everything. Apparently it's good to be able to use your instincts as well, but how can you use them if you never know what they're telling you?

someone enlighten me please... 🙄

Come on people, tell me your opinions :) don't be shy!


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  • You need to give some examples some situations that.. your gut is making you feel confused?

    Most of the time, gut feels are there to protect you.. Apprehension of going sky diving or about your SO staying out late/cheating.

    • Well, for a start? I was trying to figure out what a gut instinct is if you know what I mean. Like, how to tell when it's trying to tell you something?

    • Ok, a good example is when you meet a guy your BFF just started dating and you get a bad feeling about him... that would be your gut telling you something isn't right.

    • But, it's normal for me to have bad feelings and second thoughts about most things, so I wouldn't know how to tell even then!

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  • You know that second where it feels something? Before you second guess it? The first thought. Listen to that one. Not the other one that comes next.

    • So if I instantly feel uncomfortable, but then begin to feel more comfortable about a few seconds later, I should go with the uncomfortable feeling I felt first?

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    • Probably not a good time to talk to him lol

    • Hmm, maybe. I had that exact feeling when I saw another guy I used to date unexpectedly in a shop. Months later, he tried to force himself on me.

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  • I go with my gut instinct to make tough choices or if something doesn't feel right and feels off.

  • I try not to trust it too much. It can be misleading sometimes.


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