Me and this lad at work are kind of seeing each other but we are both very flirty people, and I now get jealous, what can I do?

we're not together so at first he was going out and i was going out and stuff like that, then when i saw him at work the next day after he went out he was acting all weird around me, but i thought nothing of it. so the next day he put a photo on snapchat of him and this girl, and i got mad and rang him. he says she's only a friend but why would they be alone as 'just friends'


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  • Sounds like a classic case of friends with benefits. Someone always catches deeper feelings and in this case that person is you. Don't feel bad at all, you are human, never deny yourself to feel. With that being said, you have to be realistic. You can't ring a guy, upset with him for being with another girl when you two are not exclusive. Well, I mean, you can because its a free country and unlimited cell phone minute plans are very affordable, but you can't do that and expect it to yield results. In most cases, you will just freak the guy out. If you are wanting more with him but all he is wanting is to hook up or whatever you two have going on, then its clearly not going to work. You can't scream, yell, guilt someone into being what you want. If this guy wants to pass on you, psh let him, you don't have time for that. There are plenty of guys out there who would be over the moon to get a phone call from you :) Good Luck, Melissa! <3


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  • You really need to give us some facts if you expect to get a meaningful response.

    • You are "kind of seeing each other" but each of you is going out with other people. You are mad because he went out with a girl but you went out with a guy. Is my understanding correct?

    • im not going out with anyone, he's the one with this girl and im jealous

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