Guys, would you continuously text a girl & keep conversations with her if you're NOT interested in her? Especially if you know that she is into you?

I've been texting this boy for a couple of months, he does flirt a bit & he knows I wanna get to know him better he said he would like to get to know me better too. When I've asked to chill he gives me an excuse as to why he can't or he'll let me know. I've brought it up to him about me feeling like he's not interested in me & I've given reasons why & he says he's just busy with school & basketball it's not intentional. Yes we're still texting but I just feel like I'm wasting my time he's sending mixed signals or maybe I'm just being insecure & tripping lol, but I get a totally different vibe from other boys who are interested in me they just act like they wanna see me & talk to me all the time & they always flirt 😐


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  • So to answer to your title question. Yes they can. Boys get bored and lonely too.

    But honestly real like involves a lot of other obligations it's not high school. Things get in the way. I work literally everyday my social life is scheduled around that. My schedule doesn't fit well with people doesn't mean I'm not interested just means I can't always be there

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