Guys, Is my boyfriend using me?

We have been together for a few months now, I live 15 mins from him and currently he doesn't have a job but is always busy (with family he claims). He only sees me once a week and 99% of time it goes like this dinner-sex. We both live with family. I've never met his friends or family. He takes forever to text me back and he only calls me once a day for a few mins, when I call him it usually goes to voicemail and he return my call. We are both older mid 30s. He doesn't ask me things about myself, like my favorite color or food or whatever. He seems to be selfish in bed and a little inconsiderate, he pays for dinner but has never gotten me anything like a gift or anything and on holidays has been too busy to even see me for a little bit... I'm not sure what to think... Is he using me for sex? Am I the other women? Is he married? Is he bored? Is not he not into me? He always tells me he loves me and he gets super jealous if other guys try hitting on me.


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  • I think he is using you because it's the same routine all the time. He needs to do different things with you. His behavior makes it seems like he is hiding something. Another possibility is maybe he is inexperienced in relationships. Their is other stuff you guys can be doing besides dinner and sex.

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  • If a friend of yours told you everything you told us what would be your response? He's married and shame on you for staying this long

    • I've asked him and he's said no and I even went one step further and there is no marriage certificate on record?

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    • Yes all information pulled up was correct... Maybe a girlfriend? Could be the other women?

    • Yes but why be with a dull selfish lover?