What should I do about him? Does the kiss even mean anything? Should I just give up and move on?

I met this guy at a party and we exchanged numbers. We started texting and his best friend who is also my friend told me that the guy I've been texting isn't looking for a relationship. That guy and I continued to text and hung out one night. We did nothing but drive around for two hours and talk. The next day we went out for a movie when I got off and our first kiss was amazing cute. After the movie we went to his car and started making out but didn't do much since I was a Virgin. Ever since that night he hasn't been texting a lot. He didn't completely stop we still talk but he takes forever to reply. I know it's cause he's not used to virgins but I'm starting to really like him. What should I do? Should I just give up? Do you think the fact that we kissed even meant anything to him? Also do you think he's not looking for a relationship or did he mean he's not looking for a relationship with me? We still make plans go hangout but I don't know..


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  • Don't fall for this "I'm not ready" bullshit. My response would be "well when the fuck will you be ready and why the fuck are you here?" Tell him when he is "ready" to give you a call IF your still single and forget this ass

    • Should I let go even tho I started really liking him and feel safe with him? I barely feel safe with oriole anymore. Also he's in the military. Does that change anything?

    • Yes move on

  • ask him, he will know.


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