First date, neck kiss and a confusion?

I've been chatting with this guy for the past 3 months approx. and yesterday we finally went on a date. We spent solid 8 hours together (he lives in different country , few hours away so we wanted to use the time well and probably as much as possible of it). If you are asking me the date went great, if you ask him he would say the same (he told me that , I smiled and told him that I am glad he thinks so). We were walking a lot, driving from place to place, went for a dinner and finished it off with a drink at the bar. Needless to say there was a lot of smiling involved, convos were coming as the water does when u leave the tap open! I felt strong attraction from mine and both his side. And not just in sexual way... So he took me home, and I hoped for a kiss. We went out of the car and hugged each other goodbye few times (I guess neither of us wanted to leave ). And in those moments when we were so close to each other hugging and kissing our cheeks goodbye he somehow managed to kiss my neck? I didn't expect that, not that I complain but... why he didn't kiss me on the lips? I mean , that neck kiss was short and sweet and got me thinking about it through the rest of the night. What does that kiss even mean? I am confused 😖


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  • Was it a slip? Like did he go to give you a kiss on the cheek or lips and you turned. Kiss on the neck in my world is sexual