Why would she post this?

I'm a guy but I'm using my friends profile to ask this

So there's this girl we used to talk, we are both on a dating site, lately we've been seing each other and having sex.. We used to talk at the begging of last year after her and her boyfriend broke up but after a couple months things happened and I just decided to cut it off. Then throughout the year we would talk but then argue then fall off again... I still do care about her but not sure if I wanna persue a relationship again. So anyways the weekend before she had text me to see me but I didn't answer, then she text me saying why can't I just say I'm busy instead of just ignoring her, i was drinking with friends but didn't tell her that. On Friday we agreed to see each other Saturday, then she text me saying if she could come over but I had family over and I had been drinking The next day I look at her dating site profile and she deletes all her pics and posts a pic of a quote that said " Has someone ever fucked up your head up so much that you can't even be happy anymore, cause all you do is sit there and think about wtf you did to deserve this bull sh*t " then afterwards deletes her profile... im starting to think she has feelings it's hard to tell cause when I see her she acts like she doesn't care, what should I do?


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  • No idea 😧

  • One a scale from 1 to 10, how believable do you think your story is?


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