Girls, What can I do to be less annoying?

So my girl and I aren't on good terms right now but before this started happening she started getting bored of me and I could tell because I'm to nice of a guy so she started to think that she was wearing the pants in the relationship and just like she was better than me be thinking I wouldn't be able to cheat on her or like break up with her

Around that time this happened she started to tell me that everything I do is annoying like me wanting kisses and be affectionate, asking to hang out, and etc just normal things I think I should do as a boyfriend. I'm starting to get the hint to back off of her as in give her some space but what do you girls think I should do to be less annoying or just not so much of a "needy" boyfriend?


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  • Get your own life. Have fun with your own friends. Too much of a good thing can be bad, you know? She sounds fucked up for saying you'll never cheat- like that's a bad thing? I wouldn't want to be with someone like that