Long, He doesn't want to date me because he says we have nothing in common?

Okay. So we both known each other since we were kids. We lived pretty close to each other. We were friends when we were kids but we pretty much didn't talk until high school. We had the same home room and when I saw him, I remembered him. He was always fat and still was. So I went up to say high and he didn't even recognize me. At all. So after I reminded him who I was, we started talking. Not that much though.

Anyway, In our last year of school, he dropped out and I haven't seen him in years after that. Until just a month ago anyway and he lost a lot of weight. So we started talking again and I was single at the time and so was he. I asked why he never asked me out and he said that we wouldn't work and I wouldn't like him. I asked why and he said we share nothing in common.

Now, I've had a somewhat rocky past. I did drugs, slept with not the best people. Just bad choices and I know that. So when I asked what we don't have in common and he listed these things.

Never had a girlfriend.
Is still a virgin as in he's never kissed, had sex or even seen a woman naked before. (He's 22.)
He has no friends. (Which I don't really mind.)
He called himself a nerd because he likes video games, anime, guns, card games. Stuff like that.

So yeah. We don't really have anything in common but I still want to date him and I've told him this but he just refuses. What should I do?


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  • Is this what happens to women after I fuck them? I kinda just assumed they got swallowed up by the Earth or something.

    But for real. Lemme get this straight. you got passed about like a bong by 'not the best' dudes for years, and now the decent respectful guy wants nothing to do with you? What a surprise.


    This guy is so shy and nervous and inexperienced that he's saying no to you because he's embarrassed.


    He sees you for the slut that you are and wants nothing to do with your junkie cumdumpster ass.

    I'll still fuck you though. You're not totally worthless. That heartbreak and depression really turns me on.

    • By bad people, I meant only 3 sexual partners who were drug users and dealers. And cheaters.

    • Sorry, wrong question I was replying to.

    • @TheOneWhoIs So you're a dude now too? Wow.

      Not much better. 3 junkies? You think Mr. PlayItSafe up there with his videogames and porn is gonna take the risk of fucking some dope peddler's ex bitch?

      You live in a different world to that guy. Getting fucked for a hit on a crack pipe is hardly a way to sell yourself to a socially awkward, play it safe kinda guy. He's just gonna think you're scum. When he looks at his yearbook, you're the chick that sucks dick for a teenth.

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  • He has no self esteem. He's a true dedicated monk now.


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  • You seem like a straight-shooter kind of gal, so next time you see him, ask him if he is attracted to you. If he is, then lead the way.

    I little advisement, you mentioned that this guy is a gamer. There are 2 types of gamers in my books: Hardcore and casual/social. If he is a hardcore gamer you can make him phase out of it, but only with time and patience if you managed to stick around.

    Show the nerd what he's been missing out 😆

    • He has called me cute, hot, beautiful many times. That's why I ended up asking him why he hasn't asked me out yet. And he has A LOT of video games but he's been drifting away from them more and more. He started writing fan fiction or something. Says its stories based on his anime.

  • The guy is wet behind the ears. He doesn't what he's saying, so I'll translate for you:

    YES, I want to ask you out, YES I want to get to know you, YES YES YES.. but you are like a goddess compared to lil' ol' me. I am scared, I am self-aware, please someone help me!

    "Now, I've had a somewhat rocky past. I did drugs"
    Yes, I did too. More than just a rocky past. What matters is you have put all of that behind you. Don't look back, but ahead.

  • Maybe you aren't attractive OP

  • He sounds pretty shy. Hmm. I say force yourself into his life more. I'm kinda like this guy and wish a girl would just get into my life.

    • and you have to do to nothing? Most convinient

    • @sp33d well its hard for me to really get to know people. I always think they're just being nice and that they don't really like being around me. So I think I'm just a bother to people. A few good friends of mine now, forced themselves into my life. And I'm a lot happier now.

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