Do girls like it when a guy text emojis/smileys?

Hello, I was wondering if the ladies do like it when a guy uses emojis/smileys when he is sending a text message or do not like it.

Hoping to get mass feedbacks in order to have an accurate idea on this question.

Thank you ! :)

  • They like smileys, text them using them
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  • They don't like smileys, text them without using them
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  • They like smileys sometimes, text them once in a while using them
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Kindly guys, and girls provide some answers on this one. Vote, and comment. Thanks. :)
Come on, more answers needed ! ;)


Most Helpful Girl

  • i love them hehe, shows his little expressions during our conversation, and it kinda gives this childish element to it that i love.


Most Helpful Guy

  • In moderation.

    From my experience they get annoyed if you don't use enough words. 😂

    • Moderation is key for everything I guess. The problem is how to define moderation? lol
      Like 10 sentences, one smiley on average? :P

    • Just make sure that emojis are not taking over your messages.
      Convey your thoughts and emotions with words not icons.

      Most people don't even care.

    • Oh I see, thanks for this advice.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I like it when a guy texts me with smileys.

    • Thank you for your response. :)

  • I like them sometimes.

    • Thank you for your reply. :)

  • Yeah, but be careful when choosing. They can change a lot the meaning of your words. Most girls analyze even smileys... :) I get angry if I send kiss to my boyfriend and don't get it back :D

    • Thank you for your response :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Use them but don't over use them. If you can explain your mood, feelings, emotions better with an emoticon then use it.

    • I'm someone who uses more words like "haha" or "lol". When it comes to smileys I do text them from times to times the smileys that have either glasses, his tongue out, or the smiling one. Thank you for your answer, I have a better idea on what to do next time I do text :)

    • Your welcome

  • People like things differently, some like and some don't like.

    • Oh well, is there a hint that could tell you if a particular lady likes smileys or not?