So we met online, he likes me... what next?


Me and my now-good-friend met online about a month ago. He was the one who started the conversation in the first place. We have been talking with some pauses at first, but our convestations were always lively, although i guess we don't always know what to talk about. Giving you his general description, he seems like a pretty genuine person, and as with so many of us his life is a bit complicated at the moment. He was struggling for a while to find a job and he tells me that he has some health issues at the moment that he doesn't want to discuss with me (sounds a bit suspicious, i know, but there are things i keep to myself also and it might be a bit to early to expect him to open up completely). He is being very nice and very careful with what he says. I sometimes joke that if he won't learn to talk to me in a way that will make me interested more i will go away. I only tease him about it, because really, what do i have to lose? A few days back he "tested" me if i liked him, so i let off that i think i might actually, but i also laughed that now he can run and hide. He didn't, he said he liked me also. Things started happening in his life almost right after i came in. He moved to the capital of his country (i live in a different one for now), he is sorting out his health issues and is looking for job. I am in the middle of my deadlines, so i don't really have time to worry about all this. He is being super respectful of my time and by mutual agreement i am the one to initiate conversations now. With all this stuff going on we're still in touch every day, but our chats are becoming dry and sometimes empty. I realise that it could be the implication of whatever is going on in both of our lifes, so i don't rush. However, every storm passes with time. My question is: what next? what kind of stuff can we do together without being in one room? i realise i will have to be a bit more active myself, as it is always the case with people who are not very secure in themselves. But what is next?

He plays video-games, and i am not super good at it. I realise that asking him to teach me will break a lot more barriers that i anticipate, it can teach us about one another and it will give us more things to talk about. Besides, as a simulated reality games are a good character tester. But i am not even sure how to approach that point.

If anyone has experience, please let me know.


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  • Haven't had much but I've played some games with my friends who are away. We would bet on things such as a sport match or other things interesting in that persons life. This will allow you to get to know about his life there. The looser would have to do something stupid decided prior to the game which would have to be recorded and sent to the winner to laugh at. If you find someone who is a bit shy make the bet a two way thing where both the winner and looser do something related. For example, the looser could pretend to be a horse while the winner is the rider but as you two are separate, you will both look like fools. This will help build trust and help him out of his comfort zone.


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