How much would you pay for your boyfriend's tattoo?

His birthday is coming up. he's been trying to save up for his tattoo on his side chest. I told him i can help pay for it as his present. I researched the costings, it could be from 200 and up. i reckon it could take two hours or more to do the tattoo he wanted.
We started dating in November. His birthday is in late Feb.

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  • $300
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  • call it 300 and help him with 100 I would say.


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  • $0000 I don't like tattoos

    • He already had a tattoo on his shoulder. this one he's doing is a build up from the other tattoo. i told him that i don't want him to become fully tattooed everywhere.

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  • It really depends on what he wants and the place, Igot my ex a tattoo, because it was just something that he wanted it was around 250. It was either that or he wanted to start working on his back which is too expensive lol.

  • He's not into tattoo but I would be ready to pay 300$ if necessary.
    I would want the tattoo to look damn good so I would be ready to pay for the best one. Though, such an expensive present after only 3 mouth of dating? probably not.

  • never payed a tattoo for my boyfriend. don't need. he's a tattoo artist lol