Why did he act this way when I asked if he had a girlfriend?

So I'm already shy as it is but still try to be friendly to people. I have trouble sometimes haing a conersation because of my shyness. So there is this guy that hit on me when I first started working. We talked and he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said I didn't so he said well we should go out to eat. I told him No because I didn't like him that way. Well after that I started to notice that he hits on new women usually. So yesterday all I said was Hi and he asks so when are you going to go out with me. I straight up asked him do you have a girlfriend? He looked at me with a weird face and said what does that have to do with what I asked you. Than he tells me why are you even asking that? I told him because isn't that what people ask others. He told me "no" and I told him "yes" and he said well people don't ask that. For a minute he made me feel like I was harrassing him by asking him a personal question. I even started to feel in a very awkard stage and rethink my conversation whihch in turn made me feel shy again. It made me feel like this is the reason why I'm introvert. It's because of people like this who make you feel like your stupid. Than he told me people will only tell you that if they have a partner if they see their partner as a priority and I agreed with him and walked away. I agree with what he said but how is this different than when he asked me if I had a boyfriend. It's as it's okay for him to ask but I can't.

I didn't tell him I didn't like him that way. I just told him No when he first asked me.


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  • Sounds like he was trying to have playful banter, but ended up offending you instead.

    It's suspicious that he never answered your question though. I would tread very carefully around him.

  • he's a sociopath lol, leave that idiot alone

    • I know he seemed like he was trying to control what I can ask.

  • you women and your overthinking crazy mindtalk... . go to the next person and dont give us, him, or yourself any more drama... .


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