I'm SO hung up on one dude just because he hits it right... Is this bad and stupid?

We are both in college. Neither of us sleep around often, it had been a few months for both of us when we both hooked up. I promised that the first time would be the last... Then a couple days passed and i couldn't resist but ask for more... I swore that would be it. But now, I'm just so caught up in how we have sex. I have only had one other partner, made out with a few other dudes as well... And this guy just excites my body in ways I haven't felt before. I am well aware it is purely physical; we have not truly gotten the chance to get to know each other besides through texting and small conversations before and after sex. Is it silly to say I miss him? I feel like I can't say that because we don't have a relationship or know each other... But it's been over 2 weeks and i... We'll miss him. It's like he opened up this desire in me I didn't know I had. I fall asleep each night with fantasies of him on me, inside me, all over me. It's torture. I just want to see him again and again and I don't know what to do. I feel so silly and like I'm letting my body desires run my emotions... Like my feelings aren't valid right now. When I'm with him it's a feeling of contentment and satisfaction I've never felt, even in my long relationship. God, I'm driving myself crazy over a guy I only know on a physical level and through the passion we shared. Help me :(


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  • Then women complain about how many have high standards.

    • Can you explain? I'm genuinely interested

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