Is there anything I can do? PLEASE HELP ME, I'm so hopeless in love?

I have liked this guy that works at the library ever since i first saw him (5 months ago) but i have never properly spoken to him (apart from saying thankyou when leaving). He's quite a lot older than me but i just have this feeling about him that he's special, i don't know how else to explain it. I just haven't stopped thinking about him ever since, i just can't seem to shake it. I have no idea what he's thinking and whether he even thinks about me but i'm always hopeful that something miraculous will happen, like he will come and speak to me, but obviously that is very unlikely whilst he's working and i'm trying to study. Is this hopeless or is there any chance that something amazing could happen?
Ps. I know he lives very near to me (down the road) to be specific


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  • Well you could try flirting with him and smile and stare at him and play with your hair when he look at you. That kinda thing. And if he still doesn't approach you because he is working, you can give him a job. Like you could ask him to look up a book for you on the computer if he is at the desk or you could ask him to find this book that is on the shelf (which was there the whole time), but you just wanted to spend time with him. It would be very easy to befriend him since you are around him a lot and he lives nearby and ask him to hang out sometime.

    • Thanks that's really good advice:)

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