Dating guys shorter than you?

So I'm 5'10" girl. I honestly do love my height, but some guys aren't exactly flattered with it. 3 out of the 4 guys I've dated didn't like how I was taller than them. The 1 guy didn't give a sh#t about it. In your opinion, do you care if you have a girlfriend that is taller than you? Should I steer away from guys who think the height matters? Any other advice about this would be great.

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  • I like tall girls, even taller than me (I'm 5'10) ;)


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  • I'm 5'2" so I haven't had this problem, but I definitely think you should steer away from guys who think height matters. As a short girl, most guys are taller than me, and I honestly don't care about height. What I do care about, is if a guy is going to whine about height. I have a guy friend who is actually shorter than me: he's 5 foot, and his girlfriend is a few inches shorter (very short couple, haha). He's in a relationship so he's just a friend, but he is totally the kind of guy I would date, despite the fact that he's shorter than me. He's short but he's confident in who he is and embraces his height. I briefly dated a guy who was 5'5", so taller than me, but he was so obsessed with height and complained about being 5'5" and got really offended if anyone mentioned his height. It did not work out between us for a combination of factors, but that was one of them. Being comfortable in your own skin is sexy. I don't want to be with someone who is whiny.
    Anyway, sorry for this long ramble haha, but the point is that if a guy doesn't like your height, then he's not worth your time. And there are plenty of people out there who don't mind your height, you just need to find them.


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  • I am 6'3 and once went out with a chick who was like 6'1 and loved wearing rally high heels but I never had problem with it, It maybe because I am jacked af doe. Tall chicks are hot

  • No cares given, I've dated a girl your height before.


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