Does he like me? Should I leave it and move on?

Reconnected with an ex over the holidays and been talking almost 24/7 ever since. He replies instantly even when out with friends or in a lecture. Recently, I've been getting frustrated since workload is piling up and we hadn't reached the next stage yet so I asked him why he talks to me so much (I wanted to know where we stood). He started making out that I'm the one who puts in way more effort than he does. Eventually I said that if this is just an obligation to him then I'd rather dedicate more time to work, and he says that "nah chattings fun but it's definitely excessive, it's when I'm out with other people that it's inconvenient" Now we talk less but he seems more distant and I'm starting to regret having done what I did. But I want something more. What do I do?

When I asked him why he spoke to me so much he said "because you talk so much" and I don't know why he would say that since we were talking 24/7...


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want something and has only been talking to you because you were there.

    Try to distance yourself from him for a while. If he doesn't ask why you haven't been talking to him as much and/or nothing changes, you'll have your answer.


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