So for men to be good with women, they need to date a lot. Lol so women are practice objects?

Just a random thought. if men want to be good, they need to consciously and tactically date and bed women for practice. No man will ever say that they using a girl as a test, so for a man to be good, he has to kinda lie and do his thing but never tell her the actual reason why and yet it's the only way he will get better with women in the end. I find it funny.


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  • you are 33?

    I kind of get what you are saying in the social circles today you seem to have to be a hot commodity, you don't have to be exceptionally good looking or intelligent, you just have to be able to move from one relationship to the next between mutually connected social circles, and trust me it doesn't mean you are good in bed, I had way more "practice" in a long term relationship than most bar hopping single friends of mine in my twenties and theirs, and it does effect how long I or other guys can last the first few times, but sometimes it doesn't matter how long its been because I crave it so much.

    • Its like a jealousy thing and a game between girls and it doesn't have anything to do with the guy a lot of times in these drinking circles of twenty somethings DT crowds.

    • No, not in bed. Attraction. Sex is easy, attraction is the difficult part. And unfortunately yes I'm 33. But I'm only 1 years old in love and attraction.

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