Why does she keep texting back?

Met this girl 6 months Ago and we hung out a lot We would text all the time, but it was always me that intiated. She would literally respond to my text every hour and I mean all of them (I got kinda clingy). Forward to a couple months I told her that I really like her and she said that she likes me back. But then she text me the next day saying that we have been friends for a while and that she wanted it to stay that way. After that I gave her space for like a week. But recently she has been hitting me up. also always relying to my messages even if it's something really simple that doesn't need a response. want to know if anyone knows what might be going on? Is she being polite or is she starting to notice me more?


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  • It's possible that she's finally starting 2 notice you more but I wouldn't make it obvious 2 her that u suspect she is. It's better to play coy and see where this goes at the minute unless something happens to suggest she's interested


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