How can you date an American boy?

sorry.. my English isn't perfect!! how do you know if an American boy likes you? it's really different than what im used to.. they smile a lot and shake hands when we meet? they say hey and smile a lot (and look fake). Does that mean theyre just too friendly? or they like you im rlly confused >.>
i go to a univesity here in america and it's been two years and im begaining to feel lonley :(
Do they like me? why are they scared of me? and i do ignore these little things "smiling, stairing.. etc" im sick of it theyre not what i was expected.. am i ugly? well I've seen them with really ugly girls walking together! and why not me? walk with me please (X how do u get them to walk with u hehehe:D
they do sit next to me sometimes but they never talk (its really awkward and annoying) i mean do u like me or are u just stupid sitting next to me and making me feel unconfortable, there are plenty of chairs come on kkkkkk (x
the question here... how do you know if they like you? how can you get an American boyfriend?
I have this really hot guy who all say when we pass by and it goes like this "hey!, hey, how are you?, good hru?, good" then walks away.. does he like me mm probably not.. he's surounded by really hot girls and probably feels bad for me or something:( or is that them being friendly too i hate it T_T


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  • Awww sweetie :/. Don't give up. I don't know what you look like so I can't say where your appearance may not be favorable or what not. As far as your personality you seem kinda shy. I'm curious as to how you react to these guys when they smile at you?

    And hey sometimes it may just be that the right guy hasn't seen you yet.

    • generally, smiling to strangers is a nono where I came from... and apparently it's normal here in the US. I usually don't look them in the eyes so they I don't smile back or theyd open the door for me:( its cute but still confusing (x even girls do it to girls:O
      If they smile at me I would freak out.. like excuse me do i know u? D:
      at first I thought they were interested in me but now i know its part of their culture here (:(:
      so i get confused on weather they like me or a culture thingy hehe. and i do know that American guys are straight forward and would say they like you if they do. so i don't know:/

    • I see. Yeah here smiling at strangers is common and looking at people in their eyes. It does help to know the other person is into by those things.

      Some girls may think you look nice and friendly. Maybe not that they are sexually attracted. Yeah it's the culture lol.

      It depends on the guy. I'm rather shy so I probably wouldn't be straight forward unless we are already talking.

      If you like a guy here the best thing to do may be to approach him. Let him know that you think he's attractive. The bad thing about that is that there's the risk of being rejected, but at least you'd know the truth.

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  • Your insecurity doesn't bring you anything but misery. That guy was trying to make convo with you. you missed your chance. You really need to take some communications class. You have to develop social skills before you want to date or relate to others in general.

    ugly girls? It just goes to show your either totally judgmental or myopic. So what Are your good points of your personality besides being looking hot, feeling jealous and a bad competitor in life? What can you offer to the guy, thise so called ugly girls can't offer to those guys, that did not pick you as their woman?

    • you think so?:OO
      what about the guy from the store? they keep asking if i need help and they look so hot!! is it also part of their service thingy here? i usually ignore it but ok:L (id ask for his phone number if he keeps talking to me lmao) hehe sorry theyd ignore the shit out of u if theyre not intrested where i came from so we know it..><
      how do u know if he likes you? but then they never talk:L
      yeah they don't look attractive and fat (sorry im not trying to offened anyone but guys like skinny girls and she had a chance to walk around with him lol) yeah im a jelly girl :c
      I wish I was her tbh she's not pretty but she always gets boys to her room and stuff it gets annoying and she's not too hot.. i wonder what's the secret here. ^^

    • she's not a prude

  • Looking forward to getting your green card, ain't ya? Lol

    • uhm no haha im not gonna marry an American guy!! im gonna marry a man who speaks my language. and i just wanted to try one, bc im bored here and i wanted to get to know them more and some do look hot:D