Why would his ex do this?

I've been dating this guy a year and he dated his ex for 3 months (for the stories sake her name is kelly and my boyfriend's name will be justin)... ok so they go to the same church. Kelly got a new boyfriend (she's had 4 since we've been going out) so this is her 4th new boy and he is in the band with my boyfriend and kelly's mom is the lead singer. So after church one of my boyfriend's band members said "sorry about the drama... kelly and her mom asked me do you think justin's upset that kelly's boyfriend played in the band?" his friend was like ummm nooo he's been dating this girl for a year and they're pretty serious.. I don't think he's upset. Justin said He doesn't care who she dates and it doesn't bother him a bit that he's in the band. So why would his kelly and her mom be spreading this rumor around. I mean it's been almost 2 years since they've broken up... why can't they get over it


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  • There is nearly always drama of some sort surrounding musicians that's either pertaining to them or personally or it's someone they know.


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