I can't understand this man's behaviour. Help?

This man I have been working with for about a year got engaged, as I learned. We occasionally see each other, and we only text each other when there is something to do. One day, while we were chatting, he said that one of my friends (she was about to work with us) was so irritating. He pasted her e-mail, in which she was only asking a few questions. Then, he said, "I think she likes me, but she missed the boat. I got engaged." Why the hell did he say such a thing? If I were him, I would be afraid that the person would tell my fiancee about this.


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  • That doesn't mean he likes her over his fiancee. It just means he noticed her liking him (or so he thinks).

    • Thanks for the answer, but she doesn't like him. She only saw him once. She has a boyfriend, after all. The thing is there was no way one could infer from the email she sent to him that she likes him. It was so weird.

    • If you've got a big enough ego, anything's possible.

    • Haha. I think I would wonder why he especially wanted to mention it if I was his fiancee.

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