Ladies, is this weird or am I too sensitive?

Okay, big public holiday today. About a week ago my girlfriend (both 30) asked my plans for this day? I assumed we would spend it together so I replied ' I don't know, what are we doing?' We see each other every other night in the week and most weekends. I get told she has something on and that 'You're not coming'. I asked why and was told because her friend doesn't know me or some rubbish. She knows that it bothers me and tells me yesterday that sometimes she needs a break from me and that I am dependent on her. Why this day of any for a 'break' and why plan it a week in advance? I'm seeing her tonight, it's just the actual event she didn't want me to come to. She doesn't seem bothered in the least about the situation leaving me hurt and noticeably upset. I'm not good enough to invite but I'm good enough to get a lift home from. Thoughts?


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  • Perhaps she did make plans ahead of time and didn't want you to come (which is strange, I'd never tell my boyfriend I didn't want to come, but I just wanted to be with my friends). I don't think she looks at it like, you're not good enough to invite but good enough to get a lift home from, perhaps she does feel like you're too dependent on her, are you? I don't think she took it to heart like you did. perhaps tell her she hurt your feelings and that she could've worded it differently, and not make you feel unwelcomed.


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