Having issues with long distance relationship, any insight?

Been in a long distance relationship for just over two months and I wanted some insight from you guys. My girlfriend seems to be making a relationship that isdifficult into something more so. One incident that sounds quite petty is that we would watch a show together, this doesn't sound like a big deal but in ldr its one of the only activities you can do together so it means a lot. We got to the tail end of the series and she watched without me. We'd watched all the episodes together and she then watched the last ones without me. It sounds odd but it's one of the only things we can do together besides talk. It pissed me off that she was so selfish about it I guess, she knew it meant a lot to me and went away to watch it. The problem is that we were talking and she said she was going to go watch it and left

She also talks about exes a lot. There has not been a day, this is no exaggeration, without her mentioning her getting with an ex or doing something with an ex or something along those lines. That pisses me off because I never do that as to not make this hard for her and make her feel bad. She also says "she misses me" and "why do you live so far away?" a lot too which make me feel like shit. She's in NYC I'm in UK and I'm going there in March, I'm trying to make this work, I stay up until 5am most nights to accomidate her time schedule and nap when I can. I'm paying for this trip with only my money even though I lost my Job on New Year and she works weekends eight hours and gets tips. She says she's saving to come here in summer but she keeps spening the saving. I applied to colleges over there too just as an option beside places over here since I love NYC but sometimes I feel she annoys me so much. She's very needy, messages nine times if I dont answer but will ignore me if I want to talk most times. Am I petty for letting these things get to me? Should I just battle through?

Sometimes its so good to be with her, she makes me happy but then it gets like this too


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  • How old are you, how long have y'all been dating, and have you met her yet?

    • Both 17, dating 2 months only, meeting in March (was supposed to meet in January but work paid me late so I missed her break)

    • both 18, don't know why I said 17 there :-/

    • I think you are doomed especially since you are already not liking her.

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