What to say to my ex-boyfriend after we spent the night together.. To be together or not?

So this is probably the longest story ever.. But basically, when I was 17 I met this amazing guy, the best one I have ever met, we broke up after a few months because he was going to move away, but there was so drama, he wanted me to go with him, I was so young, I still had school, but it ended up with he stayed here. It was just so much drama back then, but he wanted to remain friends, I said absolutely not, but he still wouldn't take a no for an answer. He's not the person to give up easily.

So after some time trying to wait for him, I eventually got bored of his games with being cold'n warm, and started in 2 different jobs to take my mind off from it. Then, the first night I started I see him there, like a whole lot, giving me loads of compliments, also showed up with an girl that he just wanted to shove in to my face. We have been through so much together that it's crazy.

So after that, I decided I wanted to kill the feelings I had for him, or we shared together because it would just get me in trouble, and I was just sick of playing the games to be honest.
But lately we have been on the good tone, and then I met him on Saturday - just randomly when we partyed, he invited us to this after party, and he was teasing me so much, had to touch my hair, holding my hand, holding around me, dancing all night with me. And he was crashing at his friends house, I mean - I'm a big girl, I didn't live really far from the place we were in, I could just take a taxi home. But he took care of me. And yeah we hooked up, but I felt really different, I mean it's been 2 years since we've been together, I'm 20 now. Felt just really good, and felt the timing was just right.

But I don't know how to bring up, to ask him what we are. We have been through this before, although this was just after his birthday 2 years ago. And it ended up, he said it had nothing to do with our relationship.

I just want to save myself for a lot of heartbreak, because it took the longest time to get over him. I actually started to date someone new not too long ago, but I just realized my heart still belongs to my ex-boyfriend, and I need to grab my chance while it's still something there.

So is it really worth it talking to him about it, I won't lose him forever? And how do I talk about us. Mostly I'm just really scared and need some guidance


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