Girls, Today I asked a girl out and she said maybe but according to her bodylanguage she was happy. What should I do next?

The girl is a japanese woman. I belive she sends me a lot of signals but i'm not 100% sure so i asked her out. She seemed flatterd and was smiling but said maybe. What does it mean? What should i do next?


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  • You should keep on flirting with her.


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  • "Maybe" almost always means "no" in Japan (coming from someone having lived here for almost 18 years) and with a Japanese wife.

    Japanese girls are super polite and the social etiquette is always about trying not to shame the other person (so she'll tend to be very careful not to hurt your feelings, though she might accidentally string you along).

    This tends to confuse a lot of foreign guys in Japan where they try to hit on a girl, she smiles and says she'll think about it, and then they think they scored, only to find they were totally wrong.

    Another thing is that if your friend is really Japanese, asking on a date is kind of professing your love already. It's a more serious affair to ask a Japanese woman on a date. Already it's somewhat koibito (lover) status. Typical way of courtship in Japan (unless you're at a night club with loose women) is become friends for a good long time, then finally start dating.

    You have to be pretty patient usually, as just starting a date already might mean you two are an item. You don't date to find out who you like, you do that through friendship. Instead you date because you like each other so much (mutually) that you're ready to elevate the status.

    This doesn't always apply, but it's some things to note about Japan in general.

    Also, that doesn't mean it's hopeless with this girl, but you might need to be more patient. You can kind of spend time with her, ask her to places, without actually turning it into a date, emphasizing more friendship than like a romantic dinner.

    • Night clubs are an exception. Japanese women who attend night clubs, especially alone, can be really, really easy. They might even go with you to a love hotel right after meeting inside the club. That's a sexual exchange, and not all Japanese women are into that.

      The ones who are kind of more traditional will tend to be like this: you have to be friends with them, do friendly things together (like go to amusement park, not romantic dinner), and often not just strictly with her, but with a group of friends. Then over time, the feelings grow through friendship, and then you can sort of proclaim your love and ask them on a date.

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    • I asked my wife about this (she's 100% Japanese, I'm only a quarter), and she also thinks it's leaning towards "no", but it could also be like, "no, not yet". You don't have to give up just yet. Of course she might be different having been abroad -- I guess you'll have to find out. The body language can be extremely positive though with Japanese girls, even when they're trying to turn down your offer. It's pretty confusing until you get used to it.

    • Thank you so much i will let you know what it ment

  • Be patient