Have you ever worn your bf's shirt (or your girlfriend worn your shirt) out of the house?

Have you ever worn your bf's clothes out if the house? Why?


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  • Oh, absolutely. And the fool gave them tl me and didn't ask for them back when we broke up so I'm keeping them.


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  • yeah i did that.. well i dated a couple of girls but i did this to one of them only coz once she forgot to take her t-shirt and coz she was too special to me when i wore the shirt her smell was still there.. then later that day i went to give her back the t-shirt


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  • Yeah I wore my boyfriends tshirt a all the time, when we broke up I did laundry and had like 10 of his tshirts hahaha

    • And as to why- the first time was because I stayed the night at his house and didn't have a change of clothes (I wasn't expecting to be staying the night) so I borrowed a clean shirt. He thought it was cute. So if he'd stay the night at my house and had some extra shirts is wear them to bed sometimes or just wear them out with him casually