When is it okay to/Should I even text him!?

Okay so basically, I've known this guy for a while now, we've hung out a couple times, and he is exactly my type. We get along really, really, really well and both have the same sarcastic sense of humor. Anyway...we talk about once to twice every couple days, but I'm pretty much always having to start the conversations. After I do say "hey" or whatever he seems like he really wants to talk but then occasionally ends the conversation randomly... I don't want to seem annoying or needy I just really want to get to know him more. When is it okay to text him/should I even be texting him?


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  • If that's you in the picture than its really really hard to pass the line of being creepy and needy to a a guy if you are physically attractive.

    Think about it.

    When is a guy going to do this:

    "UGH! look angelina jolie, Its 3 in the morning and you are calling me now!? that's enough of you!"


    Stop thinking about what you would prefer. Men think differently.

  • Hell yeah you should. My ex hooked up with me after just a few days cause she decided to text me. And everything went from there and we went out for a whole year, not a bad idea to at least try.


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