Is he interested? Post first date advice?

i went on a date with a guy and I think it went really well. We talked for hours. I ended up sleeping with him though.
The next day I was waiting for him to text me but he hadn't so I texted him. He Replied to me though fairly quickly. He texted me the next day but only because I told him to send me something which he did. Later in the day I texted him again to check up on him since I knew he had something big going on. He replied to me and not just a one-liner text, he put effort into it. It was about 5 lines. I told him though we need to get together again. On the date though keep in mind we had talked about getting together again. His reply to that text was "yes we should :)" I suggested a day during the week and he said he'll need to make sure he's free.
So I don't know if he is interested in me or not? I'm having a hard time reading this guy. If he wanted it to be a 1 time deal he can just ignore my texts completely. He can just ignore me altogether too because we have no friends in common at all. What do you think?

Just to be clear, I did sleep with him but I did sleep over at his place because he asked me too. He dropped me off the next morning and I texted him later that day.
Well the guys were right on this one. He is still interested in me because he texted me (I didn't text him) and we set the second date. I was about to give up but then I received his text asking me how I was. So I was overreacting and overthinking. I am glad he's still interested in me though. I'll try and not seem clingy by texting him first all the time.


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  • You could really be jumping the gun. Based on what you said he texted about getting together again he needs to check his schedule. The ball is in his court to let you know. If he doesn't, move on, but I wouldn't assume right off that he won't. You painted him as somewhat busy at the moment and he's responsive. Give him time to follow through or you may come off as needy and clingy.

    • I am leaving it up to him now. He is busy at the moment and he just had to go to a funeral which was tough on him. I just wanted to come off supportive. I realize now I may have come off crazy/clingy. I will step back for him to do his guy thing.

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  • I think you probably shouldn't of gave it up to him, so soon. On the first date more or less.. :-\ Now he doesn't have anything to look forward to. You just gave him everything on one day. Like take it or leave it... He took it alright... Now he's going to leave it.. Sucks. Wish some guys didn't take advantage like that, but hey you were willing. I mean who will you respect more, a chick in a mini skirt so short u can see her vag, and tits all hanging out. Or the woman with a t- shirt and jeans. Same goes with sex... sorry.

    If he wanted to spend time with you, he would.. "checking my schedule is a clear cut... Nice guy sign of NO". He most likely just doesn't want to hurt your feelings.


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  • I'd say so. The extent of his interest in you, however, I'm uncertain of. You've done most of the initiating post first date, which makes it difficult to determine whether he's interested in you or, well, a sex thang.

    Take a step back, and soon enough his interest in you will reveal itself.

  • he sounds like me, just make urself available and ready when he asks. just make sure ur not texting him too much

    • So it's not that he's not interested, he could be actually busy? Because with the way he's texting me its not the typical blow off type of texts. He's actually taking time.

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    • sure its completely normal to be a little insecure about that. look at me sitting pretty much guaranteeing he would get back to you meanwhile im my world was a little nervous the girl im dating wasn't going to text me back. i mean it was only for an hour but i got insecure too.

      i just keep telling myself im doing everything right, im a good guy, she will get back to me, and if she doesn't she not a nice person. talk positive to yourself like that to get you through those insecure moments

    • I will talk to myself positively now. Because it was positive overall. I was just assumed the worst.

  • you're an idiot.


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  • I don't know for sure. It seems like he's interested but a guy who only wants can "put effort" into it too. He's definitely going to expect sex though, I'm willing to bet.

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