whatss happening?

IM in high school and I have a crush I can't tell if he likes me but he stares and asked me to hang out once with him at lunch but problem is his bff is flirting too he already got my no. He tries to block me when I walk gives me his stuff to keep extra cheesy.. so whats going on here... is my crush not interested coz then his bff would back off if he was into me


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  • I know how that feeellss, it all depends on you Reallly if you like him pay no intrest ATAL to his friend, it'll just mess everything up, don't try makin him jelous or anything beleve me! It do not work! Just ask him if he likes you, it's the easyest way and If he says no pretend it's no biggie and carry on being his friend an ONLY hi friend and he'll come rounndd Works most timess (; xD LOVE CHEL

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