Should I ask her out on Facebook?

I sorta know this girl, and I added her on Facebook. She just accepted my request, so should I ask her out?


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  • No. You should ask her out face to face.

    • I don't see her at all anymore, so that's why I'm asking if it's okay to do so

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  • Ask her out on facebook? Bruh do you want to be a weeb your whole life? #noswag. Find a better way to do it. If you can't ask her in person write her a fu king letter.

    No girl wants to be asked on facebook bro...

    • I don't see her anymore and I have no other way of contacting her

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    • Dam bro... Well good luck with that. Seems to be your only option. I would ask around at college though. No way I would ask somebody via facebook. Not good first impression. But if you got to you got to. Make up for it during the date though.

    • Yeah true. The reason why I might ask her on fb is because there's no other way of contacting her lmao. Like literally hahah. I won't ask her out right away but maybe just start a conversation and see where it goes from there. I hope to god that she isn't taken lol

  • You can sorta ask for her number and then sorta call her, and like.. sorta ask her out, sorta. I dno.

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